ZN73A-12/D Indo

Mostly purpose
ZN73A-12/D type indoor high-voltage permanent magnetic vacuum circuit breaker,an advanced product in China,adopts self-developed YG type permanent magetic operating mechanism with either manual switching off or electric switching on/off function,which leaves out complex and damageable energy storage and locking device of traditional spring mechanism,and greatly simplifies transmission link,especially for the manual switching off device.It is with load emergent switching off operation when it is used in fault condition of secondary operating circuit,which tryly realizes high reliability,long service life,examination and repair exemption,simple maintenance.The service life reaches 100,000 times in normal condition.

Type Meaning

Technic Parameter
Item Unit Parameter
Nominal Voltage KV 12
Nominal Durable Voltage for ShorTime Power Frequency(1 min) KV 42
Nominal Durable Voltage for Thunderand LIghtning Impact(peak value) KV 75
Nominal Frequency HZ 50
Nominal Current A 630-1250 1250-3150 1250-4000
Nominal Short-circuit on-off Current kA 20 25 31.5 40
Nominal Thermostable Current(effective value) kA 20 25 31.5 40
Nominal Durable Current(peak value) kA 50 63 80 100
Switch Current of NominalShort-circuit kA 50 63 80 100
Substantial time of NomlnlShort-circuit S 4
Durable Voltage for Secondary RetumPower Frequency(1 min) V 2000
Nominal Operation Order   off分-0.3s-合分 on/off-180s-合/分on/off
Switch currentfor Nominal Single/back to back Condenser Group A 6308400
Switch-off-time(Nominal voltage) ms ≤50
Switch-on-time(Nominal voltage) ms ≤75
Mechanism service Life ≥100000
Switch Times for Norminal Short-circuit Current mm 30
Cumulative Abrasion Thickenssallowed by motive and static Contact mm 3
Contact Open Distance mm 11±1*
Excess Stroke mm 3.5±0.5
Contact Switch-on Time ms ≤2(40KA≤3)
Three-phase Switch-off-on Difference ms ≤2
Switch-off speed on Average m/s 0.8-1.2
Switch-on speed on Average m/s 0.5-0.8
Center Distance mm 210 275
Retum Electric Resistance for Capstan Electricity ≤45(Less than 1250A)≤40(1600-2000A)≤30(more than 2500A)
Contact Pressure for Contact Switch on N 2000±200(20kA) 2400±200(25KA)
3100±200(31.5KA) 4300±200(40KA)
Relevant technical parametetr shall be adjusted for permanent Magnet Mechanism,if there are special require mentsfor operational power suplly(for example:DC110,AC/DC)
9±1mm equipet with west House vacuum chamber
8±1mm equiped with siemens vacuum chamber

Externality & Build in Dimension