YUGUANG Electric Co.,Ltd.formerly named as Qianzhou Vacuum Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd., is one of the earliest enterprises in Zhejiang Province.
Industry Leading:Advanced High-voltage Production Equipment and Professional Technological Team
Specialty:17 Years in Producing High-voltage Appliance,Complete 12 KV-40.5KV High-voltage Vacuum Products and Qualifications.
Reliability:Many products have been awarded with"Science & Technology Progress Award of Zhejiang Province".
Environmental Protection & Energy Saving:Developing the Green Power and Advocating Energy Saving & Efficiency Improvement.
All the products have been insured by PLCC in product liability.
By implementing the Standards of International Quality Management System,in has obtained the ISO9001 Quality System Certification.
Recommended by the State Economic and Trade Committee for the Innovation of "the Two Power Networks"
  • CT20W型弹簧机构
  • ZWM□-12系列永磁操动机构
  • CTB系列弹簧操动机构
  • LZZBJ9-12/185h/2s(4s)
  • JDZ10-12、7.2A
  • LMZK1-10
  • LJ-Φ75、110
  • ZN73A-12/D Indo
  • ZW10-12、ZW12-12、ZW27-12 Outdoor HV Vacuum Breaker(Recloser,Sectionalizer)